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    Dance Across Canada News

    Canadians love to dance!

    How do we know? We asked. Our nation-wide #YesIdance survey reached out to dancers across the country. Over 8100 responded, representing 190 forms of dance.

    Survey results revealed:

    Towards an Understanding of the Breadth and Depth of Dance Activity in Canada

    Presented at Mapping Culture: Communities, Sites and Stories international conference in Coimbra, Portugal (May 28-30, 2014)

    Recent findings from components of the Canada Dance Mapping Study are presented in the paper. The Canada Across Dance Map, like a geographic map, is drawing a picture of dance in Canada, indicating ‘what’ is happening and ‘where’ it is happening. The map is also adding ‘who’ – how many Canadian lives are touched by dance in some way – including dancers, choreographers, dance teachers, presenters, dance students, support staff and volunteers, and dance audiences. The mapping study and the map will together identify, quantify and describe the ecology, economy and environment of dance in Canada.

    Full Document

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